The Process

Hi Everyone,

Here is a little bit about me and how I produce the blank greeting cards. I draw the painting and then use a medium to express my drawings. I then photograph my art work and use the photo for my cards. After that, I assemble each card myself and sign the back of each photo inserted in the card with my famous initials. You will find them meticulously assembled.

Many years ago, I entered my first college course in colored pencils and asked the instructor how I could become an artist and was told to "just do it!”  At that suggestion, I emersed myself in learning to see as an artist, took every course in art, studied under a private teacher of drawing, read every book and bought every book on drawing and mediums that I wanted to use. I then began teaching college level drawing and mediums of painting at high schools on Long Island and also at NYIT in Old Westbury teaching painting mediums and courses under the Interior Design program.

A photo of my painting is used on my Greeting Cards and Coffee Mugs.

Thank you for the purchase of the cards and mugs.  


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